Holly Russell

For the debut of Fashion Friday we’re delving into the slightly dark and very sophisticated mind of Holly Russell. Holly graduated from the Manchester School of Art in 2009 with a first class degree and a Best of Manchester Fashion Award tucked under her arm.

Her BA collection Animals & Minerals featured beetle wings and human hair which she incorporated into her pieces with stunning effect.

Holly Russell

Holly Russell 4

I’m a massive fan of beetle wings (I’ve created a crown from them). The colours are so rich and deep. Nature knocks it out the park yet again!

Holly Russell

holly russell

Her fans include the princess of peculiar Lady Gaga who can be seen here wearing her Blue Jewel Beetle satinised chiffon gown.

Holly Russell Lady Gaga

Her MA show moved away from her costume-esque designs and is much more ready to wear. However the collection still makes a bold statement and you can clearly see that she continues to be influenced by nature. Her beetle wing fabrics and clean lines make this a truly luxurious collection.





Holly’s website is currently under construction at the time of posting but I hope it will be up and running soon so we can enjoy some more of her incredible creations.

All artwork ©Holly Russell

Twitter: @Death_n_Glory
Facebook: Death and Glory Taxidermy
Instagram: death_and_glory

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