Les Deux Garçons

They had me at ‘siamese twin baby lions wearing party hats’.

Taxidermy and art is one of my favourite combinations and Les Deux Garçons are two of my favourite artists doing it.

Michel Vanderheijden van Tinteren and Roel Moonen have been working together under the name ‘Les Deux Garçons’ since 2000. They both graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts in Maastricht in plastic design. The mediums they work in are quite varied and include, aside from taxidermy, bronze, painting, free-style assemblages and collage.

The work featured below shows their whimsical animal Siamese twins and other decorated and altered beasts (all of which are ethically sourced it has been confirmed).

The pieces (apart from being a total eye feast) encourage deep reflection. The colour palette and childhood imagery give these pieces a sense of humour verging on dark. To the artists themselves the work stands for choices made earlier in life that you have to carry with you and that will perhaps hinder you in the future.

Whether you consider them a work of art or more fitting of a freak show I have to say that aesthetically and conceptually they strike me deep deep down in my little kitsch macabre heart.

Long live Les Deux Garçons.

Diner Monique Janssen
Diner Monique Janssen

Visit their website here.
All artwork ©Les Deux Garcons

Twitter: @Death_n_Glory
Facebook: Death and Glory Taxidermy


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