Today I would like to introduce the Death & Glory muse. The Audrey Hepburn to our Givenchy, the Loulou de la Falaise to our Yves Saint Laurent, the Jane Birkin to our Hermès. Billy.

Billy is a complicated melancholy character. His current loves are Stylenoir Magazine, Terry de Havilland and croque monsieurs.
Billy enjoys partys and loves a good wedding. He is becoming a popular request by brides and grooms and is often flying off round the country to provide assistance with wedding card guarding, ring holding and guest directing. He’s terrible at speeches though.

Billy 6

Billy has been asked to appear in several photoshoots and is proving to be an excellent model (Cara who??). Stay tuned to see the editorials as they are released.

Billy is also bilingual. He speaks Japanese and whatever squirrels speak.


Billy couldn’t have dreamed of the glamorous life that awaited him in his ‘forever sleep’ and is very excited about his future projects.

For all enquiries or if you have any questions for Billy please email his agent at

We love you Billy.


Cover image & Officially Partied Out Billy by Carly Wong
Wedding card Billy by Noel Deasington

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